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Is It Safe to Buy Aftermarket Wheels

Good wheels can make a big difference in a car's overall safety, as tire and wheel manufacturers are quick to point out in their advertisements. There have been a surprising amount of major developments in wheel design in the last few decades, and despite the cliche, the wheel has been reinvented a number of times. This has led many drivers to question whether aftermarket wheels are as safe as factory models. After all, they cost less than quality factory wheels, so it stands to reason that there should be major differences. In most cases, however, the biggest difference between factory wheels and aftermarkets is simply the name printed on the wheels.

The good news is that aftermarket wheels are held to the same safety standards as factory options. While different manufacturers use different standards and features to differentiate their aftermarket products, at their core the wheels are based on the same design as factory wheels. Provided that they're approved for use on a specific vehicle, it's absolutely safe to use aftermarkets when they come from a reliable manufacturer, and thanks to a wide variety of manufacturers that specialize in high quality wheels, it's possible to find aftermarket alternatives for just about any car, truck, or other vehicle on the market.

In fact, in certain instances they can actually improve the overall performance of a vehicle. They can provide better balance, and while this doesn't mean better safety, it can mean better handling than standard wheels. Aftermarkets are often made from lighter materials than their factory alternatives, and some actually use different technology for enhanced handling. They're a more professional option in many instances and can give a vehicle a much better look than what would be possible with a factory wheel.

This is why aftermarket options are preferred by serious racing enthusiasts and car modification hobbyists. Any improved performance adds value to a vehicle. This improved performance comes with a lower price, too, as aftermarket wheels don't require the heavy name advertising investments of factory options, although many major aftermarket companies do have name recognition. An aftermarket wheel is simply less expensive than a factory wheel without a drop in performance and with a much lower price tag.

Ultimately, if aftermarket wheels were more dangerous than their major factory alternatives, they'd be harshly regulated to meet the high standards of safety commissions like the IIHS. Drivers who are worried about using aftermarket wheels should check into their materials to ensure quality, but aftermarket options are a great way to save money while getting improved balance and handling for any type of vehicle.

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2008 Cadillac CTS, Other Cadillac Vehicles Showcased in Geneva

Cadillac, along with other auto manufacturers will be showing off their wares at the 2007 Salon International de l'Auto in Geneva, Switzerland. The star of the show for the car maker is the 2008 CTS sedan which will make its European debut at the said event. The luxury vehicle will be the centerpiece of Cadillac's amazing display of vehicles. Production of the said model is scheduled to start this summer and the release of the CTS in the European market will follow soon after that.

Jim Taylor, the General Manager of the Cadillac brand, is all praises for the new luxury sedan. "The all-new CTS has a mission to bring the striking design of a concept car, the performance of a sports car and sophistication of an elegant sedan right into the heart of the luxury market," Taylor stated. He also added that the "Cadillac is injecting more dramatic character into the normally reserved luxury sedan category".

What Taylor is pointing out as a concept car design is the use of the same elements of style on the CTS found in Cadillac's sixteen concept car. The CTS also has the same attributes performance capability of the car maker's V-series. The performance of the CTS can be enhanced further with the use of aftermarket parts. Just like the ones used by Audi which is also a leader in the luxury car segment, Audi's cars can be enhanced by the use of the Audi cold air intake system. The V-series of Cadillac also offers luxurious interior and the CTS has the same attribute.

The Cadillac CTS will be powered by an advanced direct-injection gasoline engine which can churn out 300 horsepower. The 3.6-liter V6 engine, thanks to its design and efficient exhaust system has exceptionally good fuel efficiency for its class and has significantly lower emission. The powerplant is not the only thing that has received much attention from the designer but also its chassis. The frame on which the Cadillac CTS is built upon was tested all over the world to gauge its performance. The designers took the chassis to German race tracks and the roads of China and the United States. The company hopes to ride on the previous successes of the CTS. According to studies, the more than 275,000 owners of CTS are the most satisfied among the customers of the automobile industry.

Aside from the new generation CTS, Cadillac will also be showcasing at the motor show their SRX luxury crossover. The SRX has received enhancements on its exterior styling. The interior meanwhile was completely redesigned. The upgrade of the SRX gives it a more spacious interior which adds to the luxury aura of the vehicle. The most notable change in the crossover vehicle is the new instrument panel designed to be easily visible and readable for drivers. What more, the cockpit of the SRX is hand-built which increases its luxury value. Another upgrade that this vehicle has is the availability of the Hydra-Matic 6L50 six-speed transmission. This gearbox increases the fuel efficiency of the car by facilitating smooth gear ratio changes.

Another Cadillac vehicle which will debut in Geneva is the new generation Escalade. The iconic luxury sports utility vehicle has received upgrades which makes it more powerful, more stylish and more refined. The Escalade will be powered by a massive 6.2-liter all-aluminum V8 engine which is capable of producing as much as 409 horsepower and 417 lb-ft of torque. The styling of the car is also made more attractive thanks to the effort to make the vehicle more aerodynamic which decreases wind resistance and therefore increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.Given her background on cars as an auto insurance director, Lauren Woods finds the world of cars to be constantly changing. You can visitAudi cold air intakefor more information.

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